From Tourists to Travelers

“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going.”  

-Paul Theroux

Our trip to the Riviera Maya in Mexico was our first international adventure together!

The purpose of the trip was for a wedding, so we had the incredible experience of traveling with some of our closest friends, which was most definitely the highlight of the trip.  We spent our days lounging on the beach and sipping cocktails at the pool bar.  We spent our evenings exploring the various restaurants that our resort had to offer and, of course, the late nights and wee hours of the morning were spent busting a move on the dance floor and slamming back shot, after shot, after shot…

Although we greatly enjoyed our trip to Mexico, we would, in no way, consider it to be an authentic Mexican cultural experience.  Having only spent a week in this beautiful country, most of which was spent at our luxury five star all-inclusive resort, we did not have the opportunity to meet local people, try authentic Mexican cuisine or learn the roots and history of the culture.  We were simply there for the sand, sun and good times, which were had by all!  That being said, as our plane left the tarmac at CUN (Cancún International Airport) we both felt a sense of emptiness.  Sure we had golden tans, killer hangovers and lots memories with friends to last a lifetime, but we couldn’t tell you the first thing about what life was really like in Mexico, what the country looked like or what we learned from being there.

We had been robbed, or better yet, we robbed ourselves.  Robbed of the knowledge and life lessons gained from adventurous travel.  It was at this point  that we decided that  ‘all-inclusive’ trips were simply not for us.  We wanted more from our travels, we wanted to come back better people, more well-rounded and better equip to take on life’s challenges.  Although we didn’t learn much on our trip to Mexico, we did learn one key thing about ourselves.  We no longer wanted to be tourists.  From that point forward we would be adventurous travelers…

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