Everything In Perspective

“Run with a heart of gratitude and you’ll travel further than you ever thought you could.”

– Anonymous

Arriving in the last country on our Central American journey was bittersweet, for obvious reasons.  Our trip was coming to an end, and we would be back to reality and routine in a short period of time.  However, we were so very grateful for the many incredible experiences we had in the humid continent and we were also elated that we would soon be seeing our loved ones and back home.

The day-to-day of our travels typically consists of a bare minimum of 5-10km on foot along with any number of other activities including: climbing, biking, dancing, diving, etc.  That being said, as we narrowed into the end of our three months on the road, we decided to spend the last five days, in El Salvador, doing what most people do on their vacations…relaxing!

We stayed on the outskirts of the popular town of El Tunco, known for its backpackers vibe and surfer’s haven.  Our chosen accommodations were the cliff-side Kayu Resort & Restaurant, a short beach walk out of town.  Our first day there we soaked up the sun, enjoyed the beautiful infinity pool at our hotel and took full advantage of happy hour.

The rest of our days in El Salvador followed a similar agenda, with a few highlights and happenings.  We strolled into the town of El Tunco on day two, popping into the souvenir shops and stopping for a drink on the beach.  Day three we got a ride into the larger town of La Libertad to pay a visit to the doctor; I had a bug bite from Panama that had become infected and extremely sore.  We didn’t need to speak the same language for to Spanish-speaking doctor to see the pain I was in and prescribe antibiotics, which had me feeling better in now time.  The highlight of our time spent in this smallest country in Central America was dinner at Beto’s Restaurante, which was a recommendation from the groundskeeper at Kayu.  We loved the atmosphere, fresh seafood and mostly the location, on a balcony 200ft up overlooking the ocean with waves crashing below us.  We dined at Beto’s on our second night as well as the final night of our trip.

On the concluding night of our adventure, as we sat watching the final sunset over the Pacific Ocean, we reminisced about the events of the past three months, both the ups and downs.  El Salvador was my 28th country, and the more I travel the more I come to realize what a small place I hold in this world.  I think what I have come to love the most about travelling is how it puts everything into perspective for me.  When we’re on the road, with all of our belongings flung on our backs, witnessing poverty, starvation, shack housing, yet happiness nonetheless, it makes our “first world problems” seem insignificant; and soon enough we find ourselves also being grateful for the life’s simple pleasures, such as a fresh piece of fruit or a warm shower.   The bottom line is, we all need so little to be happy, we merely need to spend more time being appreciative for what we do have as opposed to being upset at what we don’t, and we can slowly change our entire outlook on life.

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