The Motherland

“It is wonderful to feel the grandness of Canada in the raw.”

-Emily Carr

We had both been to the west coast before but this time we decided that we wanted something more than Vancouver or Calgary, as beautiful as they both are.  At that point in our travel lives, we were looking to explore the motherland, as so many world travelers never do.  We had always heard amazing things about the seaside surfer town of Tofino, on Vancouver Island, so we proposed the idea to our friends from the coast, Tyler and Chris, and they made it happen and joined us for the trip.

We landed in Vancouver, British Columbia at 10:00 pm local time.  After a night out on the town, we went back to Tyler’s place, where we stayed the night. We awoke bright and early the next morning to make it to West Van for the 6:20 am ferry, which of course we missed, and got the next ferry at 8:30 am.  It was about a three hour drive from Nanaimo, where the ferry docks on Vancouver Island, to where we stayed at Cox Bay Beach Resort, just minutes outside of Tofino.  This beautiful part of Canada is difficult to describe in words.  The vastness of the long stretches of sandy beach is only dwarfed by the Pacific Ocean, which ebbs and flows and brings in contorted pieces of driftwood with the tide.  The soggy forest trails, with frequent scenic lookouts, are towered by Western Red Cedars which leave a lingering scent of earth in the air.  It is an outdoor enthusiasts’ haven and we soaked in every minute of it.

Our one full day on the island was spent exploring the beach, hiking and surfing, going into Tofino for some window shopping and dinner out at Shelter Restaurant. We laughed, partied and reminisced with old friends, while making some new ones along the way.

It was hard to leave this beautiful part of the motherland but we took comfort in knowing that we were leaving Vancouver Island to head to Whistler for the day and night!  The breathtaking views along the Sea-to-Sky Highway are reason enough to make the trip to Whistler; add to that the fact that another one of our friends, Stacey, now calls Whistler home, and she was ecstatic that we were finally able to see her stomping grounds.  We only had one night there and we spent it going for a sushi dinner, followed by bar hopping in Whistler Village.

Our final day in British Columbia was Canada Day!  Being the adrenaline junkies that we are, no trip to Whistler would be complete, for us, without plummeting 160ft, towards the glacial-fed Cheakamus River, at Whistler Bungee.  The rush you get the moment your feet leave the platform (be it you jump or get pushed haha) is like nothing else you will ever experience in your life.  As you free-fall further and further down, deep into the valley between two rocky mountains, eagles soaring overhead, it’s hard to ignore the breathtaking beauty of our homeland.  We could not think of a better way to spend Canada Day.

With that, our short, but jam-packed, trip to B.C. was sadly complete.  We said our goodbyes and left the mountainous province, heading back east, with a sure feeling that we live in one of the most beautiful countries in this world!

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